1. Community vibe: It’s not just the annual summer festival that brings people together. Being a part of the community is a vital part of country living, where people look out for one another.

Sheep on the way

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2. Forget the traffic: Does your school run involve bumper-to-bumper congestion? Things operate at a different pace in the country, keeping your stress levels in check.

The long road home

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3. All that green: The Irish countryside is famous worldwide for a reason. Just look at those rolling hills.

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4. Nature on your doorstep: You look out your window every morning to see what people from the city drive for hours (and sometimes pay big money) to enjoy.

5. The stars: And when the sun goes down your view is just as impressive, with big open skies displaying thousands of glittering, distant stars.

6. The wide open space: Fresh air, blue skies and wide open spaces are what makes country life

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7. There’s history everywhere: Co Meath is rich with castles, country estates and ancient monuments, meaning you’ll never be stuck for a weekend walk.

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8. You’ll never stop discovering hidden gems: For those looking for more adventure, there are plenty of ancient wonders to discover, from neolithic burial chambers to mysterious stone cairns.

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9. The changing seasons: How do you know spring has arrived in the countryside? Lambs!

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10. You can’t beat a traditional Irish pub: There is nothing better than settling down to a plate of proper grub, in a proper pub, after a long walk in the country.

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